A Tax Extension the Easy Way

April 15th is coming around, and if you’re feeling the pressure to get your information organized and your taxes filed, you’re not alone. How would you like an extension on your taxes? What about having until October 15th?

Filing for an extension on your taxes gives you six months to prepare better in order to file properly. But wait, don’t you need some sort of crazy reason, like a plane landed on your house, in order to get that extension?

Nope! In fact, the IRS doesn’t even ask you for the reason you need an extension. As long as you provide accurate information when you file your extension request, it’s granted automatically.

So, how do you go about filing for such an extension? Well, the absolute easiest way to do so is to file for an extension online. Using an IRS approved provider, like FileLater.com, you can complete the entire process of filing for an extension in 10 minutes or less, depending on how long it takes you to get the information needed.

Yeah, it’s that simple. The best part is that FileLater.com will send you an email the next day letting you know if you’ve been approved for your extension or not, and if you haven’t, they’ll help you file again (With no additional fee), and help check to make sure everything you’ve filed is accurate.

FileLater.com even makes the hardest part of filing for an extension a little easier. Their online calculator helps you figure out if you’re going to be owed a tax return this tax year, or if you’re going to owe the government money. This lets you figure out if you should send the IRS money or not (If you do determine you’ll owe additional taxes, you can send in a check or pay directly from your bank as part of your e-file).

Don’t forget that filing for an extension on your taxes doesn’t mean that you have an extension to pay the taxes due. If you do owe additional taxes to the government, and don’t pay them when you file your extension, you’re going to be subjected additional penalties and interest on that amount! Many people ‘forget’ this fact, or don’t realize it, and end up making a huge mess out of their taxes.

So, do yourself a favor. If you need the time, take a few minutes out of today and file for an extension. You have until midnight on April 15th to file, and if you’re denied, until April 20th to correct any errors that may have happened and reapply. Make your life a bit easier, and file!

Hair Extensions in Purple

There’s no denying that there’s something distinctive about the color purple. Through the ages, this mysterious color has been associated with nobility as well as with spirituality and the kings of Europe, in the medieval ages, only dressed in purple. Common people were not allowed to put on clothes of this color. Even today, when a lady in purple walks into a room, she grabs everybody’s attention, perhaps because what she’s wearing is an intriguing amalgam of cool blue and hot red. It’s not the clothes alone that demand attention but purple colored jewellery also and nowadays, highlights of purple running through your hair.

You’ve got to ask yourself – do I dare? Because introducing such an unconventional color into your hair will surely raise eyebrows amongst your more orthodox friends and relatives. But if you can overcome the initial hesitation, a color such as purple can do wonders for your personality. You will be transformed into a trendy and glamorous woman who dares to be different. And the remarkable aspect of this is that there are a large number of differing shades to choose from. Pick ladylike lavender or lovely lilac or magical mauve according to your taste and, more importantly, according to suitability, and introduce it into your hair. What you have to take into account when choosing the correct hue of purple is the natural color of your hair, the color of your eyes and your skin tone.

You are probably wondering how to bring about this transformation. Do you put on a wig or dye all your hair? Our suggestion would be to use a purple hair extension to put in as much additional hair as you consider ideal. A full wig of purple hair could be impractical at times and dyed hair slowly loses its gloss and natural look after a few washes. Hair extensions, on the other hand, maintains the sheen in your additional hair for a far longer period. It is a process which enables you to attach additional purple (or whatever other color you choose to use) hair to your own so that the required effect is achieved and your hairdo becomes more full-bodied.

There are several different types of hair extension methods. One is the clip-on variety where the additional hair is clipped on to a woman’s own hair. The benefit of this procedure is that she can take off the hair extensions without too much trouble whenever she wants to. A second method, the “weaved” variety, entails actually sewing the hair extensions into a person’s natural hair. And finally, there is a method by which the additional hair is attached to the ladies’ own hair by means of some adhesive substance.

Whichever method you choose, the ultimate effect of the Purple Hair Extensions will be that you will have a hairstyle that will be the cynosure of all eyes. You just have to have the dash and the daring to reinvent yourself.

Getting A Second Extension to File 2004 Taxes

Millions of people file tax return extensions every year. The tax filing deadlines can rush up on your quickly. Fortunately, filing an extension isn’t particularly difficult. For individuals, there are two available extensions.

Automatic Extension

What do you do if April 15th is approaching and you simply can’t get your taxes done? The IRS allows you to file a request for a four-month extension to file your tax returns. Simply file form 4868 and you will automatically be given until August 15th to get your return in.

Second Extension

What do you do if August 15th is quickly approaching and you still can’t get your returns together? You can file an additional request for an extension to file your tax returns. Unfortunately, the IRS isn’t going to automatically grant your request. Instead, you have to show the following:

1. The reason for requesting the extension,

2. The particular tax return for which the extension of time to file is desired,

3. The tax year to which the extension applies,

4. The length of time needed for the extension, and

5. Whether another extension of time to file has already been granted for this tax year.

If you can provide credible information, the IRS will grant you an additional extension for two months. To request the extension, you must file form 2688.

Failing To File

Failing to file a tax return or application for extension is a bad move. Penalties can be as high as 5% for each month your return is late. The penalty does max out at 25% of the tax due, but your risk of an audit or having your return red flagged increases dramatically. Filing a tax return extension is fairly simple, so you should never have this problem.