Facing Decision Of What Wig Or Hair Addition To Choose From, Hair Extensions Might Be The Solution

When faced with the decision of choosing a wig, you are not without options. As a matter of fact, some might go as far to say that there are almost too many options to sort through. In order to help you choose the type of hair addition you should use, in this article hair extensions are discussed in detail.

Today, 100% human hair products aren’t just for Hollywood celebrities. Models, actresses, and many other women love hair extensions because they can make their hair instantly longer or thicker, and provide increased volume. Celebrities not only wear a lot of makeup, it is not surprising for many celebs to rely on extensions and wigs to change their color or style. Many celebrities have become more honest about the things they use to make them look good life or on the big screen.

With these extensions, one can increase volume and have long, thick, healthy, beautiful hair flowing down over one’s shoulders in gentle waves if so desired. Most extensions come in a wide variety of lengths and colors.

The newest extensions product is made with 100% human hair so the extensions can make one feel more self-confident, sexy and secure than with an off the shelf wigs.

The new Mystique process is simpler and easier to perform than other hair extension procedures available today. This product causes no damage to existing hair. And it can be removed quickly and easily. Unlike traditional or clip in extensions, which were often sewn into natural hair, Mystique uses a fusion method to attach the extension to one’s hair at a molecular level making many of today’s additions are much more “hair friendly.” It can be applied in just a few hours. It does not use glue or wax. Instead, Mystique is applied with a modern-day keratin-based undetectable polymer to mold the addition to a client’s existing hair. In addition to taking less time and being less traumatic to your existing hair, the nature of the Mystique process gives it greater flexibility and versatility with less worry.

Additions are most effective with full front hair line, not frontal baldness. Unfortunately, women with male pattern baldness of frontal receding hairline cannot use this form of addition, instead natural human hair wigs will work much better.

Just looking for a change in hairstyle, extra length or fuller look, there are exciting possibilities offered by hair extensions. And some of the benefits of hair additions such as wigs, hairpieces, hair extensions or transplants, go way beyond looks.