Make a Fashion Statement With Different Type of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions which became quite popular among women just a decade ago has never failed to make an impression. These are just addition of extra hair for various reasons which solve problems like hair fall and thinning of hair. Some love hair extensions because they make their hair thicker and offer full volume.

Different Techniques

Hair extensions can be integrated into your original hair using a number of techniques. This includes methods like sewing, tying and braiding, gluing and weaving. In addition to this more and more innovative techniques are being tried and implemented in salons. If you are going for a little different look you should consider trying out African American hair extensions. This particular type is very popular among men and women because it can be worn in different styles. It is readily available as wigs, single braid and clip-on extensions. African American hair expansions can be bought both online or in a hair salon and one can choose between synthetic and human curl additions. Synthetic is a little cheaper but compared to the real ones. Since human hair additions are from real donors, it is considered the best. Synthetic extensions work out to be a lot cheaper but taking care of it can be a big headache.

Extensions for Curly Hair do

Who doesn’t love curly hair? Some women are blessed with naturally curly tresses. With curly human hair expansions in the market, ladies who long for curly tresses can get it integrated with their real curl in no time. With clip in extensions, all one has to do is clip it where you want it. One has to carefully divide the hair before doing that since if it is positioned in the wrong place, it will look a little awkward or worse it could just come off when you brush your hair. You can also consider adding highlights or low
lights for a more stylish and cooler look.

Hair Extensions with Bonding Agents

Hair expansions that comes with a bonding agent applied at one tip is very common. Stick type expansions belong in that category. The only difference between a stick type and a normal type expansion is the way it is attached to your hair.When you get your extensions integrated in a salon; your hair stylist will attach the glued tip of the hair to your natural hair with a heat connector clamp which will look like a flat iron, but thinner. Micro loops and rings are also used to attach the extensions to your real hair. The glue which is used is the keratin glue considered to be the safest. When you want a new style and remove the existing extensions, it can be done using a keratin remover.