Preparing Your Hair for Weave Hair Extensions – How to Get Lustrous Tresses Easily

Lots of women are choosing to go in for weave hair extensions these days because this method ensures that the hair add-ons do not get dislodged easily. It is not easy to get these extensions fitted and you certainly cannot get them done at home. You’ll need to go to a special beauty salon to have them fitted because the technician will have to use a needle to sew the extensions onto strands of your own hair. The latest micro ring extensions are far simpler to use but you still can’t do them on your own. You ought to prepare your hair and scalp before you go to the salon so that your hair stays healthy and beautiful for as long as the extensions are attached to your hair.

Ask the salon whether the weaving process will be preceded by shampooing and conditioning. This is very essential to the overall look of your hair once the weave hair extensions are in place. If the salon does not do it then you ought to come with thoroughly cleaned and moisturized scalp.

Your hair needs to be clean of all dirt, perspiration, dead skin cells and accumulated hair product. Use a high quality shampoo that does not dry out your hair too much. The presence of sulphates in the shampoo will result in unhealthy scalp and dull looking hair. Follow up the shampoo with a very good deep conditioner. This will prevent your hair from splitting and breaking. It will also prevent the scalp from flaking. Dandruff is a very ugly and uncomfortable condition and you’ll find it hard to deal with once your extensions are in place. It is also a good idea to blow dry your hair and comb it out so that it does not have any tangles. This isn’t really necessary but it will save you some time at the hairdressing salon.

If you are not sure about which shampoo and conditioner to use then you ought to ask your hairdresser. Also, the company from which you buy your weave hair extensions from will offer you helpful suggestions about the hair care products that will go best with their extensions. Additionally, you ought to wear clothing that permits your hair to fall straight down your back so that the hairdresser can work easily. Make sure that you go to the salon well prepared so that you can get the process done at the very earliest.